Performing Arts Can Help Kids Heal

Feb 12, 2014

After every tragedy a concerned group of citizens comes together to create something positive from a heart wrenching event.

The tragic events at Sandy Hook elementary school on December 14, 2012 were no exception. The 12.14 Foundation was formed to “build a landmark Performing Arts Centre in Newtown, Connecticut, in memory of those lost on December 14, 2012.  We aim to develop a premier Academy of the Arts with help from local, national, and international collaborations.  Through the collective efforts and contributions of local craftsmen and artisans, respected business professionals and corporations, and renowned designers, we will create a remembrance that expresses our respect, our passion, our resilience and our focus on a hope for the future.”

Scotty McCreery

Earlier this month American Idol winner Scott Mccreey became a “National Goodwill Ambassador” for 12.14 Foundation. As a goodwill ambassador, Scotty will make personal appearances on behalf of the Foundation and help build visibility for the Foundation’s work. Scotty said on Facebook “The 12.14 Foundation believes performing arts can help kids heal. I believe it too.”

Scotty joins a long and storied history of musicians giving back and supporting their communities.

The South Shore Music Circus and Cape Cod Melody Tent are proud to be part of the tradition of giving back. For more than 60 years we’ve supported arts and education in our local communities by providing grants to libraries, conservatories and arts organizations. The money we give back to the community allows arts organizations to continue providing a creative outlet to local residents and visitors alike. To help us continue this work, consider donating your Globe GRANT voucher to the South Shore Music Circus.


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