Lee Brice – Country Star and Military Families

Apr 17, 2018

Lee Brice is a Billboard topping Country music star known for his songs “Hard 2 Love,” “I Don’t Dance,” and “I Drive Your Truck.” The latter is about a family member who drives the truck of relative who died in action while serving in the military.

Having family members that served in the military, Lee Brice feels a personal connection to the members of the U.S. military and their families. In fact, when a military widow told Lee Brice about how “I Drive Your Truck” reminds her of her own family having to sell a three-generation owned truck belonging to her husband prior to his last deployment, he tracked down the truck and bought it for her. At one of his concerts, they drove the truck right on stage and gave it back to its original owners.

Lee Brice will be at the Music Circus on 8/9.