February 11th fun music facts of the day

Feb 11, 2015

February 11th was a prominent day in Beatles history, with the group taking up most of this post. On this day in 1963, The Beatles only needed ten hours in the studio to record ten songs for their first album. John Lennon only needed one take to record his vocal track for “Twist and Shout”.

In 1964, February 11th was the date of The Beatles first live performance in the US. They played for 8,000+ screaming fans at the Washington Coliseum.

Ringo Starr married his long-time girlfriend Maureen on the 11th of 1965. Coincidentally,  Paul McCartney and Heather Mills appeared at the High Court in London for a hearing to reach a financial settlement in their divorce on this day in 2008.

Sadly, legendary singer Whitney Houston passed away on February 11th 2012. Houston was found unresponsive in a bath tub in her Beverly Hilton Hotel suite.

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