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This Day in Music Sept. 20

Vince Gill Music Circus July 2016

September 20 was a big day in Beatles history:

In 1964, at the end of the North American tour, The Beatles played a Charity concert at the Paramount Theatre in New York City, the 3,682-member audience each paid $100 a ticket. You probably weren’t among that crowd but did you catch the Fab 4 this summer?

Fab 4 the ultimate Beatles Tribute

1966 George Harrison went to India for his first visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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Letterman top 10

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By now I’m sure you know about David Letterman’s final show last night. Over his remarkable 30+ year career, Letterman has promoted and introduced to the public hundreds of musical acts and comedians. It was a badge of honor to be featured on his Late Night show, and in honor of his famous “Top 10” segment, we have compiled our own “Top 10” of favorite performances on Letterman by acts we have coming to the Music Circus and Melody Tent this summer.

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The long, sad history of April 15th

As I sit here writing this post, the city-wide moment of silence has just ended, the Red Sox game has resumed and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sits in jail guilty on 30 charges and is awaiting sentencing. It is about 60 degrees outside and Aaron Hernandez just gotten to Walpole, his new home for the rest of his life.  I’m excited about the Spring, I’m heavy-hearted about the Marathon victims and I’m elated about next Monday. There is no doubt that April 15th will stay with me for the rest of my life,

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National Puppy Day Facts!

In honor of National Puppy Day we decided to forgo the usual “Fun Music Facts of the Day” and give you a few fun puppy facts.

1. There are more puppies born in the US each year (6.2 million) than babies. (4 million)

newborn pups

2. Puppies get lonely, just like us. They are in the womb with a litter and are born with a litter so they love the company of humans or other animals.

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Our Top 5 Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash would have turned 83 today. The ‘man in black’ is regarded as one of the most influential men not only in country music, but in all of music history. To celebrate the legend’s day of birth, we decided to list our top 5 Cash songs of all time.


1. Folsom Prison Blues (Live Version)- 

  • My favorite thing about this song is the fact that he sang it at the actual Folsom Prison.

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February 25th fun music facts of the day

George Harrison of The Beatles was born on February 25th, 1943. Harrison was the guitarist and a vocalist for the worlds most popular band.

In 1956, Elvis Presley had his first national hit when his song “I Forgot To Remember To Forget” went to #1 on the Billboard Country & Western chart.

In 1964, February 25th belonged to The Beatles as they recorded three singles at Abbey Road Studios in London.

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February 24th music fun facts of the day

In 1965,  The Beatles started their first full day of filming for the movie “Help” in London on February 24th.

February 24th 1969 was the day The Jimi Hendrix Experience played their last ever show in Britain. The final performance took place at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” started a five week stint at #1 on the charts on February 24th, 1973. She wrote the song about “American Pie”

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February 23rd fun music facts of the day

February 23 is a crowded day in the history of music. On this day in 1940, Woody Guthrie wrote the lyrics to “This Land Is Your Land” in his New York City hotel room. In later year, several other artists would record covers of the song including legend Bob Dylan.

In 1965, The Beatles began filming on their follow-up to “A Hard Days Night” in the Bahamas. The working title for the project was “Eight Arms to Hold You.”

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February 12th fun music facts of the day

February 12th has been a somewhat quiet day in music history. In 1970, John Lennon chose today to perform his new single “Instant Karma” on BBC TV’s “Top Of Pops” program. Lennon wrote, recorded and mixed the single all in one day, making it one of the fastest-released songs in pop music history.

Al Green remembers February 12th because on this day in 1972 his single “Let’s Stay Together” hit #1 on the US charts.

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February 11th fun music facts of the day

February 11th was a prominent day in Beatles history, with the group taking up most of this post. On this day in 1963, The Beatles only needed ten hours in the studio to record ten songs for their first album. John Lennon only needed one take to record his vocal track for “Twist and Shout”.

In 1964, February 11th was the date of The Beatles first live performance in the US. They played for 8,000+ screaming fans at the Washington Coliseum.

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