Josh Turner Answers Our Questions

Jun 28, 2017

Josh Turner is coming to the South Shore Music Circus on Thursday, July 27th at 8pm! Josh has been in the business of making country music hits since his debut album, “Long Black Train” in 2003.  He is a multi-platinum artist known for his unique sound and is known as a “disciple of traditional country music.” Josh also wrote a book that was published in 2014 and speaks to his feelings about faith, family, fatherhood, and music- entitled “Man Stuff”.  We recently caught up with the father of four boys, who is currently touring with his newly-released chart-topping album: Deep South and in support of the hit single from that album, “Hometown Girl”.  We asked Josh to tell us in his own words a little about his work and life.

  • What would you say most sets you apart from other country music artists?

According to industry execs and fans, I’d have to say my voice is what sets me apart from other country artists.

  • Why is it important to you that people know about your relationship with God?

I want people to know about my faith in God so they’ll know where my strength, joy, hope, and salvation come from. My faith doesn’t make things easier. It makes things possible.

  • As a father of four boys, a husband to Jennifer and a musician on tour, what enables you to find a balance of family life and work?

I’m blessed to have a wife that understands and appreciates music and what it takes to sustain a successful career. Being my own boss, I have some control over my schedule. With that said, I always make time for my family.

With Turner’s recently-released album, “Deep South,” out and already carving out some hits like “Hometown Girl”, he noted in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, that the new album’s title, “represents hardworking people who find joy in the simple things in life; heritage, church, community, high-school sports, being outdoors. It is a culture.”

If you would like to hear more from Turner, in his own words, about his religious faith-you can do so by playing the video below.  In it he discusses his roots, his relationship with God, and how he ended up becoming a musician.  The video is a very candid look at the man behind the music, and his personal goals with making music for the masses.

(This is from “I Am Second”® with White Chair Films)

Blog post by Cassie S.